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Teeth Whitening
  • Although you are not obligated to, the vast majority of patients will ask us   to examine and clean their teeth prior to bleaching. The examination will    allow us to assess the suitability of your teeth for bleaching. Cleaning the   teeth will remove stains and deposits which may stop the whitening from   working. Our standard examination and clean costs $150 (which may be covered by your health insurance depending on your level of cover).  

  • This promotion involves a course of take home whitening for $250. Usual cost [as of 1/10/17] is $500). This will include
            o Two take home whitening trays (one upper and one lower)
            o One ‘Phillips  Zoom’ whitening kit
  • This promotional offer may be discontinued without notice.
  • Appointment and dentist availability for this promotion is at our discretion.

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